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28 November 2012 @ 04:34 pm
Hi! I'm here with a new bit of a story you thought died five years ago! Just when you thought you were safe...

Title: Good Dog
Characters: Niou, Yukimura
Rating: PG
Notes: Damage Done 7, previous parts here. 1000 words.

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07 July 2009 @ 04:08 pm
Title: Spark
Pairing: Kaoru/Rei
Rating: R
Notes: AU. Various forms of addiction. 1100 words or so. Uh, Rei's point of view and all which might be expected from that short of melodramatic French poetry.

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21 May 2009 @ 04:51 pm
Title: Between
Characters: Kaoru/Rei
Rating: Somewhere around R. Porn.
Notes: This is character exploration on my part. With porn. Or possibly the other way around, actually... ~1000 words.

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Title: Thirty two seconds to nowhere (part 1)
Characters: Niou/Yagyuu
Rating: R-ish for adult language
Summary: Once upon a lazy summer night...
Notes: Written for giving_ground's birthday ♥ Hope you enjoy the first installment my darling!

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Title: A Nice Young Man
Characters: Hakkai, Nanny Ogg, and Supporting Cast Of Characters.
Rating: PG-13
Notes: A game of poker. See here and here for the previous installments in this terrible thing. ~700 words.

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Title: At the end of the day
Characters: Sanzo-ikkou (Hakkai/Gojyo-ish)
Rating: G
Notes: It rained all week. ~400 words.

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21 April 2009 @ 07:19 pm
Title: War Games
Characters: Rikkai (Niou)
Rating: PG
Notes: Embryonic war AU. 600 words.

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Title: A Consideration
Characters: Emma, David
Rating: G
Notes: There are many ways to die in a war. ALSO, I DON'T KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT AND I'VE NEVER WRITTEN THESE CHARACTERS BEFORE. For yuki_scorpio and she can take the blame as well. ~600 words.

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Characters: Revy, Benny, Rock
Rating: PG
Notes: 235 words, prompt from ashesto ("that way lies madness"). We are more in the realm of quick writing exercise than decent fic here. But at least I wrote something! There are words! See!

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22 December 2008 @ 07:45 am
Title: Closer To The Stars
Characters: Yagyuu/Niou
Rating: R
Summary: The gap between what you should do and what you want to do can be huge.
Notes: Story written for reddwarfer @ switching_it_up. It makes really, really loose use of the setting of a Michael Marshall Smith book, Spares, but I've altered things a huge amount and you don't need to know the book to follow this fic (in fact, it might help not to have read it...). Thanks to Crystal, Unni and Uma for help and encouragement.

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